Digital Privacy/Digital privacy in the media

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Movies, podcasts, TV shows, etc. related to privacy and security.

Note: Nothing is in any particular order.


  • Snowden - sort of like a dramatic biography of Snowden during the scandal with the US government.
  • The Circle - very dramatic and maybe somewhat unrealistic depiction of where we’re headed with ubiquitous companies like Google making products used everywhere that track every little thing you do.
  • The Minority Report - “Pre-Cogs” are able to predict crimes before they happen and the police force take full advantage of that and arrest people before they ever commit a crime. The main character, a detective, faithfully believes in the integrity of the system . . . until they predict that he will commit a terrible crime.


  • The Privacy, Security, & OSINT Show - great podcast by Michael Bazzel that gives tips on everything related to privacy, security, and OSINT (lol). One of the things he’s said is that learning how to investigate someone (OSINT - Open Source INTelligence) is one of the best ways to learn how to protect yourself and the other way around.