Module:No globals/testcases

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Documentation for this module may be created at Module:No globals/testcases/doc

local p = require('Module:ScribuntoUnit'):new()

-- Allow test runner to use both the Module:XXX itself and Module:XXX/sandbox with the same testcases
function p:module()
	return self.frame and self.frame.args and self.frame.args.module or 'No globals'

function p:test()
	require('Module:' .. p:module())
	-- try returning undeclared variable
	self:assertThrows(function() return foo end, "Tried to read nil global foo", 'test1')
	-- try writing to an undeclared variable
	self:assertThrows(function() bar = 0 end, "Tried to write global bar", 'test2')
	-- try reading and writing to variable arg -- should be exempt, and cause no errors
	local tmp = arg
	arg = arg

return p