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Click <code>Add</code> then fill the <code>Group</code> box in with some random (or predetermined) string such as <code>shoh5quei4moeTh7daigoh9ah</code>. Enter this in the box like <code>#shoh5quei4moeTh7daigoh9ah</code>. Set the permissions you want them to have (<code>Write ACL</code> means they have full admin) then send the original string to the people you want administering or moderating. They'll need to put this in their Access Tokens which can be found in <code>Server</code> -> <code>Access Tokens</code>. I also recommend having them register and go through the certificate wizard; this will ensure their username can't be taken by anyone else.
If you have <code>Write ACL</code> permissions in a specific channel, you can then create subchannels within and build a hierarchy for different purposes. "Admins" typically have this permission but may be slightly restricted according what the parent channel's owner decidedecides. ''Personally'', I create a subchannel for some purpose and give the person requesting the channel the <code>Write ACL</code> permission so they can do what they will with it from then on; its their space to use as they see fit.
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