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'''Mumble''' is a free, open source, high quality, and low latency voice chat software. Primarily intended for gaming, it is also commonly used for recording podcasts and collaborating on software development as well as in a lot of other situations. If you want to use my server for . . . pretty much anything related to voice(podcast, call, D&D session, collaborative software development), [ let me know] and I'll create a channel and give you admin. Refer to the [[#Administration|Administration]] section for how to manage it.
= Installation =
= Usage =
Launch the application then '''go through the Audio Wizard'''. It will help you identify most issues and get them resolved before connecting to the server. Once that's finished, a dialogue should pop up prompting you to connect. Click <kbd>Add New...</kbd>, enter <code></code> as the address, leave the port as default, enter the username you'd like to use, then give the server a friendly name with the <kbd>Label</kbd> box. You'll be able to quickly connect to the server again by clicking it as an option under <code>Favourite</code>.
After joining, you'll notice that there are a variety of channels under <code>Root</code>. To make the UI a bit easier to navigate, I recommend clicking the arrows to the left and collapsing them so you don't see all the subchannels and users within them. To join them, just double-click the channel.
= Channels =
* '''Hosted Groups''' are different communities that have requested channels; if you're a member of one, you'll have been told which to use. Otherwise, please refrain from joining them. If you want a channel for your group, [ contact me] and I'll get you set up.
* '''General''' is exactly what it sounds like; general discussion and hangout for anyone who feels like participating. It's typically empty 😉
* '''Redacted Life''' is a podcast by Amolith (me); the website can be found at []. The channel currently unused but I eventually plan to do live recordings and interviews with people there.
* '''Gaming''' is for people who are gaming together! If there are people already in one room, please join the next. If they're all full, [ send me a message somewhere] and I'll create a new one.
* '''Private''' is simply for people wanting to have a private conversation. Even more important with these, if one room already has people in it, ''do not enter''. Just join the next one down the list or [ send me a message] and I'll create a new one.
= Administration =