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= Connecting =
*'''Hostname:''' <code></code>
*'''PortsPort:''' <code>6697</code> for TLS and <code>6667</code> for non-TLS
**If your client doesn't support TLS, I recommend looking into [[wikipedia:Stunnel|Stunnel]]
= General =
I take a light approach to moderation in general but particularly with IRC. '''Don't''' be "that person" who gives [[wikipedia:IRC operator|opers]] a hard time. In addition, there are currently no network services such as [[wikipedia:NickServ|NickServ]], [[wikipedia:ChanServ|ChanServ]], etc. and it's unlikely that they will be added, however, I am open to convincing. [[wikipedia:Internet Relay Chat#Modes|Channel modes]] are set to <code>+nst</code> by default but can easily be changed.
This server runs [[ oragono]] and comes with a lot of nice features baked-in, such as NickServ, ChanServ, message history (disabled by default), and multi-client support. The docs are a mixture of information pertaining to admins and users; ignore the admin content and focus on what might be pertinent to users. **
= Clients =