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= IRC Howto =
[[IRC Howto|Finish me]]
= Volunteering a server =
IRC is a multi-server system so it's possible to link many different servers in a [[wikipedia:Round-robin DNS|round-robin]] to share the load. If you would like to do so, please [ contact me].
== Requirements ==
To volunteer your IRC server, ensure:
*Consistent uptime and reliability so that users have few issues connecting via the round-robin
*The proper ports are open
*In case of the ICANN round-robin, you have installed a valid TLS certificate signed for '''both''' the round-robin '''and''' for your server
*You have configured <code>serverinfo::network_name</code> to the string <code>NixNet</code>
*You have an open-connection server
*You are not operating a DNSBL or an OPM without prior discussion beforehand
*You are not RESVing nicks or channels without prior discussion