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{{Note|Web IRC will be unavailable during the migration to the new system|warn}} [[wikipedia:IRC|IRC]] stands for ''Internet Relay Chat'' and was one of the first instant messaging protocols. Many say it has been superseded by other protocols and platforms but [ some] make very good arguments for why it's still very useful. Personally, I prefer it to pretty much every IM app or platform I've tried. There are [[Irc privacy|privacy concerns]] but, as long as you take proper precautions, there's really nothing to worry about.
Make sure you read the [[{{FULLPAGENAME}}/Privacy|Privacy Policy]] and [[{{FULLPAGENAME}}/Terms of Service|Terms of Service]].
= Connecting =
*'''Hostname:''' <code></code>
*'''PortsPort:''' <code>6697</code> for TLS and <code>6667</code> for non-TLS
**If your client doesn't support TLS, I recommend looking into [[wikipedia:Stunnel|Stunnel]]
*If you'd like a [[wikipedia:BNC (software)|bouncer]], I do run [[ZNC]].
The "official" channels are <code>#nixnet</code> and <code>#nixnet-ot</code>. As the names suggest, the first should be used for anything related to [ NixNet] and the latter for anything off-topic. Rules are few but check the [[{{FULLPAGENAME}}/Terms of Service|Terms of Service]] for specifics.
Don't forget to run <code>/list</code> to see all the public channels!
= General =
I take a light approach to moderation in general but particularly with IRC. '''Don't''' be "that person" who gives [[wikipedia:IRC operator|opers]] a hard time. In addition, there are currently no network services such as [[wikipedia:NickServ|NickServ]], [[wikipedia:ChanServ|ChanServ]], etc. and it's unlikely that they will be added, however, I am open to convincing. [[wikipedia:Internet Relay Chat#Modes|Channel modes]] are set to <code>+nst</code> by default but can easily be changed. This server runs [ oragono] and comes with a lot of nice features baked-in, such as NickServ, ChanServ, message history (disabled by default), and multi-client support. The docs are a mixture of information pertaining to admins and users; ignore the admin content and focus on what might be pertinent to users. **
= Clients =
If you would like a web client, I host [ TheLounge] at [] as well as [ KiwiIRC] at []. The latter is set up for viewers to use when I'm [ streaming] but it can join any of NixNet's IRC channels. If you'd like a [[wikipedia:Text-based user interface|TUI]], there are some great clients in the [ delightful-cli] list. I personally use [[wikipedia:WeeChat|WeeChat]]. For graphical client, [[wikipedia:HexChat|HexChat]] is a popular option, as is [[wikipedia:Pidgin (software)|Pidgin]].
= IRC Howto =
[[IRC Howto|Finish me]]
= Volunteering a server =
IRC is a multi-server system so it's possible to link many different servers in a [[wikipedia:Round-robin DNS|round-robin]] to share the load. If you would like to do so, please [ contact me].
== Requirements ==
To volunteer your IRC server, ensure:
*Consistent uptime and reliability so that users have few issues connecting via the round-robin
*The proper ports are open
*It supports both [[wikipedia:IPv4|IPv4]] and [[wikipedia:IPv6|IPv6]]
*In case of the ICANN round-robin, you have installed a valid TLS certificate signed for '''both''' the round-robin '''and''' for your server
*You have configured <code>serverinfo::network_name</code> to the string <code>NixNet</code>
*You have an open-connection server
*You are not operating a [[wikipedia:DNSBL|DNSBL]] or an [[wikipedia:Open proxy#Testing_for_access_from_an_open_proxy|OPM]] without prior discussion beforehand
*You are not RESVing nicks or channels without prior discussion