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Another goal, one of my original ones, is learning as much as I can. I said before that I dislike downloading random container images and that's largely from a security standpoint but also because I want to learn about how these applications interact, how to configure a database server, how to have this application in a container over here store its files on a [[wikipedia:Ceph (software)|Ceph]] instance over there, and so on. I got started with "sysadmin" in the summer of 2018 while I was messing with [[wikipedia:Nextcloud|Nextcloud]] on a [[wikipedia:Raspberry Pi|Raspberry Pi]] my father had given me. Since then, I have learned so much by simply ''doing'' things and refusing to take the easy route. If you're reading this, I really encourage you to do the same. I'm going to try to make these guides into a teaching tool as well, not just something to blindly follow and copy/paste commands from.
= Guides & References =Just an index of pages we've written for setting software up and some quick references. Once there are enough pages created that can be strung into something followable, we'll replace this section with a list of steps necessary for replicating our setup.
== Steps Finished ==*[[Tarsnap]]*[[SQL Snippets]]
== Unfinished Guides ==These are pages I'm currently in Check the process of writing.{{Special[[:WhatLinksHere/TemplateCategory:UnfinishedAdmin guides|hidelinks=1|hideredirs=1|}}admin guides category]] for a list of all the pages we're working on.