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IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat and was one of the first instant messaging protocols. Many say it has been superseded by other protocols and platforms but some make very good arguments for why it's still very useful. Personally, I prefer it to pretty much every IM app or platform I've tried. There are privacy concerns but, as long as you take proper precautions, there's really nothing to worry about.

Make sure you read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.


  • Hostname:
  • Ports: 6697 for TLS and 6667 for non-TLS
    • If your client doesn't support TLS, I recommend looking into Stunnel
  • If you'd like a bouncer, I do run ZNC.

The "official" channels are #nixnet and #nixnet-ot. As the names suggest, the first should be used for anything related to NixNet and the latter for anything off-topic. Rules are few but check the Terms of Service for specifics.


I take a light approach to moderation in general but particularly with IRC. Don't be "that person" who gives opers a hard time. In addition, there are currently no network services such as NickServ, ChanServ, etc. and it's unlikely that they will be added, however, I am open to convincing. Channel modes are set to +nst by default but can easily be changed.


If you would like a web client, I host TheLounge at as well as KiwiIRC at The latter is set up for viewers to use when I'm streaming but it can join any of NixNet's IRC channels. If you'd like a TUI, there are some great clients in the delightful-cli list. I personally use WeeChat. For graphical client, HexChat is a popular option, as is Pidgin.

IRC Howto

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Volunteering a server

IRC is a multi-server system so it's possible to link many different servers in a round-robin to share the load. If you would like to do so, please contact me.


To volunteer your IRC server, ensure:

  • Consistent uptime and reliability so that users have few issues connecting via the round-robin
  • The proper ports are open
  • It supports both IPv4 and IPv6
  • In case of the ICANN round-robin, you have installed a valid TLS certificate signed for both the round-robin and for your server
  • You have configured serverinfo::network_name to the string NixNet
  • You have an open-connection server
  • You are not operating a DNSBL or an OPM without prior discussion
  • You are not RESVing nicks or channels without prior discussion