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= Audio and video calls =
Only two clients that The only client I know of support supports A/V calls at the moment, Dino on desktop and is Conversations on Android (if you know of any more, let me know and I'll update this page). This feature should Just Work™ and, if so, there will be a telephone icon somewhere in the UI; for Dino and Conversations, it can be found in the top right. There's noticeable latency and video quality isn't the greatest but it can be quite convenient.
= "Migration" from =
Unfortunately, there is no proper route; the server was in such a bad state that your best bet regarding migration is to leave your old account in the client and copy contacts/rooms to the new account. Clients usually store conversations, contacts, and bookmarks (MUCs) locally. This will allow you to log into your new account and re-add contacts and bookmarks from the old.