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== Tor ==
If you want to use this XMPP server over Tor, first install and enable the daemon.
After that, there are a few settings you’ll have to change depending on your client. At a birds-eye view, you want to enable a SOCKS5 proxy; some clients allow for this and some don't. Gajim does and that's my preferred client so I'll outline its steps below.
*Add Account -> I want to register for a new account*ServerTraverse these menus: <code></code> (or one of the other domains)*Gajim → Preferences → Advanced**Proxy: Tor**Manage -> Tor
***Type: SOCKS5
***Proxy Host: <code></code> or <code>localhost</code>
***Proxy Port: <code>9050</code>
**☑️ Use custom hostname/port
***Hostname: <code>nixnet54icmeh25qsmcsereuoareofzevjqjnw3kki6oxxey3jonwwyd.onion</code>
***Port: <code>5222</code>
*Enter a username
*Generate and enter a strong password
That should be it. Scroll further down to read about end-to-end encryption, group chats, and A/V calls.