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Note: the old XMPP server on nixnet.xyz is being retired due to a variety of issues. I will leave it running until 1 June then shut it down. I am working on setting a new server up.



Client registration is open so all you have to do to start using XMPP on NixNet is open your favourite client, enter nixnet.xyz as the host, come up with a username, generate a strong password, and enjoy!

You can also navigate to xmpp.nixnet.xyz/register/ to register using the web UI as well as change your password and unregister your account.


If you want to use this XMPP server over Tor, make sure you first start/enable the Tor service:

$ sudo systemctl enable --now tor.service

After that, there are a few settings you’ll have to change depending on your client. I use Gajim on Linux so I’ll explain how to do it with that.

  • Add Account -> I want to register for a new account
  • Server: nixnet.xyz
  • Advanced
    • Proxy: Tor
    • Manage -> Tor
      • Type: SOCKS5
      • Proxy Host:
      • Proxy Port: 9050
    • ☑️ Use custom hostname/port
      • Hostname: l4qlywnpwqsluw65ts7md3khrivpirse744un3x7mlskqauz5pyuzgqd.onion
      • Port: 5222
  • Enter a username
  • Come up with a strong password - it won’t be accepted if it’s too weak ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Enjoy!


If you’re not sure what client to use, I recommend Conversations for Android, Kaidan for Ubuntu Touch, ChatSecure or Monal IM for iOS/macOS (I haven’t tested them but I have heard good things), and Gajim for Linux and Windows.

Personally, I use Conversations and Gajim.