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Note: the old XMPP server on nixnet.xyz is being retired due to a variety of issues. I will leave it running until 1 June then shut it down. I am working on setting a new server up.
Written inErlang, Elixer
Instance URLxmpp.nixnet.services

XMPP stands for eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol. It was originally called Jabber and some people still use that, however. XMPP is an instant messaging protocol that provides near-real-time communication, presence information (online/offline status, typing indicators), and contact list management. You can communicate with individuals as well as join larger Multi-User Chats (MUCs). XMPP is incredibly extensible (after all, it's in the name) and even allows for voice and videos calls as well as end-to-end encryption via protocols such as OMEMO.

The server running on NixNet is ejabberd, one of the more modern and robust implementations available.


Just head over to xmpp.nixnet.services/register/! Please remember to pick a strong password and use a password manager.


If you’re not sure what client to use, I recommend Conversations for Android, Kaidan for Ubuntu Touch, ChatSecure or Monal IM for iOS/macOS (I haven’t tested them but I have heard good things), and Gajim for Linux and Windows.

Personally, I use Conversations and Gajim.